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We have a great surprise for Recruitment Manager users – the first ever user experience extension crafted especially for your Recruitment Manager workflow.

Copying all the relevant details for a candidate from LinkedIn to Recruitment Manager takes approximately 70 clicks.

...or at least it used to, before RAMP.

With our extension it only takes ONE CLICK!




  1. automatically; in a way that is hidden from or not understood by you, the user, and in that sense, apparently “magical”:
    I downloaded an extension that automagically adds candidates from LinkedIn to Recruitment Manager.

Things should just work - automagically

The first and foremost requirement we have for our User Experience extensions is that they must meet the exact needs that you –the user– have, without fuss or bother.

Next comes the simplicity and elegance that makes our extensions a joy to own and a joy to use.

Flexible plans from NOK 399,-/month

Choose the plan that work for you. Our pricing is flexible so you get–and pay for–exactly what you need. No surprises. No secret decoder ring required.

Price Calculator

Set your desired number of users via the Spinner/Slider below and see your total monthly cost and monthly cost per user.

from NOK 1 060,-/month*

(from NOK 106,-/month/user*)

Our plans are built for teams of all sizes, and each RAMP Subscription include all the users on your Recruitment Manager account. Billing is handled automatically and adjusted accordingly for each billing period to match the number of users you have in your department.

*12-Month-Prepaid Billing Plan required to get current price. All prices excluding VAT.

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